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Marbury vs Thomas – Round 1

This Marbury vs Isiah Thomas situation could get EXTREMELY UGLY!!!! Check out this link:

Did Stephon just blackmail his coach for playing time???? We need to understand that Steph and Isiah have been the best of friends since Starbury came to the Knicks. They’re neighbors for crying out loud! One has to wonder…. what does Stephon know?


I won’t elaborate, as you just read the article, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this drama! How long will Isiah keep his job??????

On a side note, after watching Nate Robinson play the Suns last night I think he’s too much of a defensive liability to get 30 minutes a game. Anytime he was caught in a situation where the person he was guarding posted him up, it was a guaranteed bucket and foul in most cases. I love his energy, confidence and heart, but I think a 6’6″ Mardy Collins has the edge at getting most of the minutes. Assuming that Marbury does not return, of course.


How do you get someone to be humble and conform to what you want? Hit them where it hurts, the wallet! Stephon was fined $195K for leaving and missing he Phoenix game, so he promptly showed up in Los Angeles today and played against the Clippers.

Isiah gets the decision in Round 1. I just hope there is a Round 2, 3 or 4, because I want to know which skeletons Isiah has in his closet that Starbury knows about! I mean, BLACKMAIL FOR PLAYING TIME!!! It doesn’t get better than that!


Follow Up – Nate Robinson

Stephon Marbury flew home to New York from Phoenix. We all heard Isiah talk about how he demanded more from his veteran players (Starbury, Curry and Crawford) in the areas of leadership, defense and heart, but we won’t discuss that today. We’ll have to wait and see how this thing plays out, but you gotta love the constant drama with the Knicks…unless you’re a Knicks fan. Instead, let’s take a quick look at what Nate Robinson did tonight, since I told you to pick him up.

Mardy Collins got the start, but he hurt his foot 6 minutes into the game, so Nate came in. Nate did a respectable job, as expected. He scored 18 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal while shooting 47% (2 of 6 from three)in 26 minutes. That’s not a bad stat line, and it’s about what your gonna get from him as long as he plays 25 – 30 minutes per night. His size is an obvious weakness on defense, so it will be interesting to see how Isiah tries to compensate (you can only play so much zone). Jamal Crawford actually played a lot of point, but you wouldn’t guess by his box score. He only had 4 assists when he’s been averaging 6 per game this season. Again, pick up Nate, if he’s still available, but things could change quickly, as the Knicks are a constant rollercoaster.  At the very least, we are looking at a time-share with Mardy and Nate, but even with that Nate is explosive enough to give you some good games on the night you actually play him.


Possible Waiver Wire Steal – Nate Robinson

Read this article:


If this is true, and Marbury is on his way to being bought out, then WATCH OUT FOR NATE ROBINSON!!! The Knicks have been trying to get him more playing time and he would be dynamite as a starter. Yes, he’s a little to much of a shoot first point guard for my liking and I’m not sure this makes the Knicks a better team, but I don’t really care about that.  The fact is he’s built in the Isiah Thomas mold, a ultra competitive smaller scoring guard, which is probably why Isiah has such an affinity for him. He’s a terrific rebounder and could wreck havoc stealing the ball.  

I’m not saying you should pick him up now and sit on him (unless you are in a very large league), but I am advising that you monitor the situation. Keep a close eye on it, because Nate is just that good.

 UPDATE——- is reporting that Stephon is AWOL (after I posted my article this morning, mind you). He skipped practice and Mardy Collins was named the starter.  Mardy blew up the last two weeks of the season, but I really question if he can match that performance.  I prefer Nate Robinson, as stated above, but there’s no telling what Isiah will be doing.  Watch the game against Phoenix, it will tell alot about their future plans. 

 The question is, what will happen to Stephon Marbury?  It’s likely the Knicks will buy him out, as that is their solution to everything – just throw money at it.  That will make him a free agent, so where will he go?  A friend of mine, Dobie, said Boston.  I totally agree.  Stephon and KG are very good friends (they mended the issues they had between them earlier in their careers) and Steph wanted to join up with KG when the Knicks were rumored to be trying to trade for him.  Some people question whether Starbury could coexist with that team, and I say, HELL YES!!!  People questioned the samething about the Big Three this year, and you see how that has turned out!  KG is the perfect person to have in that locker room to make sure Steph has the right attitude. He’s a leader, pure and simple.


 Besides, the city of Boston is familiar with this senario.  What other malcontent superstar did they trade for… Randy Moss!  How’s his attitude been on the Patriots?  How has his production been for the Pats?  Winning cures all!  I’m not saying Stephon is a Randy Moss type talent, becuase he’s simply not.  However, he is a very talented point guard, who has the veteran savy the Celtics need at that position. 

 Isiah, BUY STARBURY OUT!!  Watch him go to Boston and watch Boston win a title!!!!  Good time to be Boston sports fan! 


New York Knicks Preview

Will Randolph and Curry coexist AND succeed? Will Stephon Marbury retain his elite PG status? Will David Lee repeat his waiver wire hall of fame status of last year? These and more are all the questions that surround the Knicks this year. They believe in themselves, but should you believe in them?? Isiah loves redundancy. The last major trade he did was getting Steve Francis, when he already had Marbury. How did that work out? Oh, he traded Francis for Randolph when he already has Eddy Curry!! I don’t understand it, but maybe this one will work better. Actually, Curry had a bum shoulder and he’s never been the type of player to play through injuries, which would actually work out great for the Knicks. That would give Randolph the low block, where he’s much better than Curry at scoring AND rebounding, and it would force David Lee into the starting lineup. The Knicks would be a much better team if they had those two starting and playing the bulk of the minutes. Bring Curry off the bench for crying out loud, but Isiah won’t do that. He gave up too much for him (two top 10 draft picks). Enough about my thoughts, let’s look at it:

Projected starting lineup with last year’s stats:
Stats follow this format – Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, FG percentage & Minutes

PG – Stephon Marbury
16.4 – 2.9 – 5.4 – 0.96 – 0.14 – 42% & 37 min

SG – Jamal Crawford
17.6 – 3.2 – 4.4 – 0.97 – 0.14 – 40% & 37 min

SF – Quentin Richardson
13 – 7.2 – 2.2 – 0.73 – 0.14 – 42% & 33 min

PF – Zach Randolph
23.6 – 10.1 – 2.2 – 0.78 – 0.22 – 47% & 36 min

C – Eddy Curry
19.5 – 7 – 0.8 – 0.42 – 0.49 – 58% – 35 min

Key Bench Players

David Lee
Jared Jefferies
Ranaldo Balkman
Nate Robinson
Mardy Collins

They can score, but can they stop anyone?? Their system is not exactly set up to “outscore” their opponent, so I have my doubts.

Stephon was once one of the best PG in all of fantasy basketball, averaging 20 points, 8 assists and 3 boards per game, but he has been 16 points, 6 assists and 3 boards the last two years. Granted, he has been battling some injuries, and sharing duties with Steve Franchise (though he was barely on the court as well). I don’t expect him to go up to 20 ppg, because they have two very good low post scorers, so he won’t be asked to score as much, and I don’t see his assits going up to either because he’ll be passing into the post a lot, which isn’t condusive to dimes. Basically, he should have about the same year, maybe marginally better. Nate Robinson is the backup and I love his confidence and atheltic ability, but he’s another scoring point guard. In fact, when he’s on the court he dominates the ball and takes away from the game plan of feeding the bigs down low, so I think his minutes will be limited, unless he can learn to pass first and not worry about proving that he belongs in the league by scoring every chance he gets.


Jamal Crawford is a very underrated guard in fantasy. You can get him late and he’ll give you 17, 3 & 4. That’s pretty good for a number two guard. The bad thing with Crawford is his consistency. He’ll give you a great game, followed by a HORRIBLE game. You never know what you’re going to get. Mardy Collins will be backing him up, but there’s not much value there.

Quentin Richardson has the talent to be a very good fantasy player, and he is in spurts with his scoring and rebounding, but on this team, this year… he won’t be. He’ll have a few good games, but not enough to make it worth owning. Jared Jefferies and Ranaldo Balkman are backing him up, but the same goes for them. Don’t draft any of these players.

Zach was dominant in Portland averaging 23 & 10, but he needed 19 shots per game to do that, AND he camped out on the low block to pick up a lot of easy rebounds. He won’t get either of those two luxuries this year, unless Curry goes down with an injury (which is likely). I see 18 points and 8 or 9 boards per game, which isn’t bad, except that he won’t give you ANYTHING else in the other categories. No assits, no steals and no blocks. He’s an average forward at best. UNLESS Curry goes down with an injury, then he’ll be the same Zach he’s always been. That’s why I’m saying draft him. He is by far the best Knick to own this year, just don’t spend a high pick on him.

Eddy Curry will score around 16 – 19 points, but he won’t grab more than 7 boards, and he won’t pass the damn ball and he won’t block a freaking shot and he won’t steal a ball, so… stay away!!! I actually want to talk about David Lee here. He’s damn good, no doubt about it. He shoots 60%. Hustles and grabs boards at a phenominal rate. He averaged 10 points and 10 boards last year with only 30 minutes per game. How many minutes will he get this year? I imagine less. Probably around 25 or so, which is a shame. He should be on the court more than any other player on this damn team. Which is why the Knicks will go nowhere this year.


So the Knicks are thinking playoffs and I’m saying, HELL NO!! Zach Randolph, Stephon Marbury and Jamal Crawford are the only players worth owning (oh, and David Lee if Isiah gets smart). However, like I have said more than a few times here, if someone goes down (Curry) with an injury, then Zach and David will BALL!