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Milwaukee Bucks Preview

This team will be in the lottery again, but there is plenty of fantasy goodness here. Michael Redd is one of the best shooters/scorers in the league. His biggest down fall is the other stats. You only know who Mo Williams is if, you are a Bucks fan, you owned him on your fantasy team last year, or your obsessed with the NBA (as I am). If you are none of these, then please understand he is a very good point guard you can nab later than his actual value. The biggest questions are can the big men on this team put it all together finally?

Projected starting lineup with last year’s stats:
Stats follow this format – Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, FG percentage & Minutes

PG – Mo Williams
17.3 – 4.8 – 6.1 – 1.25 – 0.09 – 45% & 36 min

SG – Michael Redd
26.7 – 3.7 – 2.3 – 1.19 – 017 – 47% & 39 min

SF – Desmond Mason
13.7 – 4.6 – 1.5 – 0.69 – 0.29 – 45% & 34 min

PF – Charlie Villanueva
11.8 – 5.8 – 0.9 – 0.62 – 0.31 – 47% & 25 min

C – Andrew Bogut
12.3 – 8.8 – 3 – 0.74 – 0.53 – 55% & 34 min

Key Bench Players

Yi Jianlian
Charlie Bell
Bobby Simmons
Dan Gadzuric
Royal Ivey

I’ve have been a big fan of Bogut since he was in college, and I thought he would do extremely well in The League, but it hasn’t looked that way yet. His numbers aren’t horrible, but they are not worthy of his number one overall pick. Good news is this is his third year, and that is the magical year that many players figure it out and breakout. I’m pegging Bogut as being that breakout player. He will average a double double and give you at least 3 assists.


Charlie has more raw talent then anyone on this team, but he is lazy and unmotivated on most nights. He can shoot the three with ease and he is athletic enough to be a monster on the boards and defense, IF he ever wants to. The second problem he has this year is the fact that the Bucks committed to te Chinese they would play Yi and minimum of 20 minutes, which will likely cut into Charlie’s time, unless they play Yi at the three, which they could do. He’s got the game, even if he is raw. Speaking of Yi, I will be watching closely to see if he lives up to all the hype.

Desomong Mason can score, but he wont do anything else, plus Bobby Simmons is healthy again, so I imagine he’ll get some quality minutes as well.

Basically, the only players worth owning here are Redd, Williams, Bogut, Villanueva and Yi (if you’re Chinese).