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Celtics – Lakers Rivalry Renewed????????


I’m watching ESPN and they are discussing the renewal of the Celtics – Lakers rivalry and all I can think is…… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! STOP SEARCHING FOR A DAMN STORY AND JUST REPORT THE FREAKING SPORTS NEWS!!!!! Here are the reasons they are NOT a rivalry.

  1. For a rivalry to be there, both teams must be on the same level, or at the very least, the lesser team win a good percentage when they face each other. They have played once this year and the Celtics beat them in convincing fashion! Don’t just look at the final score. The Lakers were never really a threat to win!
  2. The Celtics are the class of the league. The Lakers have started out hot, but they’ll fizzle, like they always do in the “Kobe Against the World” era.
  3. When Kendrick Perkins posts 21 points and 9 rebounds on you… you are not a good team.
  4. When Bruce Bown scores 23 points on you… you are not a good team (No, I am not letting that one go. It was pathetic).

Boston is great and a true title contender this year, while the Lakers will be fighting for the bottom of the playoffs in the West.

No rivalry here.


Boston Celtics Preview

The Celtics are one of my favorite teams to watch this year and my pick to win the east. They will be good to fantasy teams as well, at least the big three will. Look at other teams in the league that have three superstars, Spurs and Wizards and to a lesser extent the Utah Jazz (I’m not including the Suns because they have a unique system and a certain player named NASH who is able to get everyone involved). Think, on the Spurs who was valuable for Fantasy outside of Parker, Duncan and Ginobili…. No one! The Wizards outside of Arenas, Jamison and Butler… NO ONE! The Jazz outside of Boozer, Williams and Memo… NO ONE! When you have three players dominating the minutes, shots and play calls there isn’t much room for anyone else. This is the case with Boston. Pierce, KG and Allen will do very well, whereas Rondo will not do much as Perkins will also do very little.

Projected starting lineup with last year’s stats:
Stats follow this format – Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, FG percentage & Minutes

PG – Rajon Rondo
6.4 – 3.7 – 3.8 – 1.64 – 0.10 – 42% & 24 min

SG – Ray Allen
26.4 – 4.5 – 4.1 – 1.49 – 0.20 – 40% & 40 min

SF – Paul Pierce
25 – 5.9 – 4.1 – 1.02 – 0.28 – 44% & 37 min

PF – Kevin Garnett
22.4 – 12.8 – 4.1 – 1.17 – 1.66 – 48% & 40 min

C – Kendrick Perkins
4.5 – 5.2 – 1.3 – 0.32 – 1.33 – 49% & 22 min

Key Bench Players

Tony Allen
Eddie House
James Posey
Leon Powe
Brian Scalabrine

People say their biggest weakness is their bench, which is true, but honestly it’s not very weak at all. Tony Allen is a very good young player and Eddie Houst and Posey are great role players. They are week at the PF & C position, but the guards look good.

Everyone is touting Rondo as a sleeper this year and although I like him a lot as a player, there just won’t be enough for him to do. The big three are all very good at scoring, rebounding and dishing dimes, which means the only real stat that he can excel at is steals, which i believe he will do great in. I mean, he’ll average close to double digits, and get some assists and rebounds, but just not enough with those three on the court with him. Ray Allen will be playing some PG duties as well, which will be interesting.



Ray Ray is extremely good, but he is the one who takes the biggest hit with this trade. He is older and has had a few sugeries to go with that, but the truth is that he won’t be called upon to make as many plays like he was in Seattle. He’ll score 17 – 19 points with 3 boards and 4 assists a game, which is still pretty good. I just don’t see him in the 20’s anymore. Now some of you are saying, “But Barry, when Ray was with Glen Robinson and Sam Cassell he averaged over 20 points, why can’t he do it with KG and Pierce.” That is a simple answer. In Milwaukee Ray was the younger, more athletic and skilled player. Now he is the older, less athletic and less skilled player. He has one of the purest, if not THE purest, shot in the league, but he is not and never has been on the same skill level as KG and Pierce. The most he ever averaged with in Milwaukee with Big Dog and Sam I Am is 22 points in a season. That was 2000 – 01. 7 years later, do you really think he’ll do the same thing with MUCH MUCH better talent on his team??? The other reason I think he’s on a downward turn is because of the other Allen – Tony. Tony is a very good young player. Look at what he was doing last year before he got hurt. He won’t get a ton of minues, but it will be enough to affect Ray. Eddie House is just a scorer that will get minutes, but he won’t do anything else but score, and he won’t do a lot of that.

I don’t understand why everyone is so down on Paul Pierce this year. This trade only helps him! Yes, his rebounds will take a slight dip to around 5 per game, but his assists will likely be up. His percentages have gone up every year, he is more motivated than ever and he’s a very unselfish player that will thrive with two elite stars like KG and Jesus Shuttlesworth. Pierce will lead this team in scoring, because very few people can guard him one on one, which is what they will have to do this year. Plus, he goes to the line 9 times a game and shoots 80%. He’ll be great. Tony Allen will minutes here as well.


KG is the best fantasy player in the land, what else can I say. I’m trying to decide between him and LeBron for my MVP pick this season. He’ll score around 22 per game, his boards will still be fighting Dwight Howard for leading rebounder, and his assists will actually go up! He’s the man, and will carry Boston to the finals. His backup is where you get into problems. He’ll play center as well as PF, and although Leon Powe and Scalbrine are good guys and hustle like crazy, this is their weakest spot, once KG is on the bench.


Perkins will get some boards and a few points, much like Mark Blount did when he played next to KG last year, but you won’t get much else. Don’t draft him. KG is the backup center.

Boston will win the east and get to the finals, but the only players worth owning, unless you are in a very deep league, is KG, Ray Ray and The Truth.