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Possible Waiver Wire Steal – Nate Robinson

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If this is true, and Marbury is on his way to being bought out, then WATCH OUT FOR NATE ROBINSON!!! The Knicks have been trying to get him more playing time and he would be dynamite as a starter. Yes, he’s a little to much of a shoot first point guard for my liking and I’m not sure this makes the Knicks a better team, but I don’t really care about that.  The fact is he’s built in the Isiah Thomas mold, a ultra competitive smaller scoring guard, which is probably why Isiah has such an affinity for him. He’s a terrific rebounder and could wreck havoc stealing the ball.  

I’m not saying you should pick him up now and sit on him (unless you are in a very large league), but I am advising that you monitor the situation. Keep a close eye on it, because Nate is just that good.

 UPDATE——- is reporting that Stephon is AWOL (after I posted my article this morning, mind you). He skipped practice and Mardy Collins was named the starter.  Mardy blew up the last two weeks of the season, but I really question if he can match that performance.  I prefer Nate Robinson, as stated above, but there’s no telling what Isiah will be doing.  Watch the game against Phoenix, it will tell alot about their future plans. 

 The question is, what will happen to Stephon Marbury?  It’s likely the Knicks will buy him out, as that is their solution to everything – just throw money at it.  That will make him a free agent, so where will he go?  A friend of mine, Dobie, said Boston.  I totally agree.  Stephon and KG are very good friends (they mended the issues they had between them earlier in their careers) and Steph wanted to join up with KG when the Knicks were rumored to be trying to trade for him.  Some people question whether Starbury could coexist with that team, and I say, HELL YES!!!  People questioned the samething about the Big Three this year, and you see how that has turned out!  KG is the perfect person to have in that locker room to make sure Steph has the right attitude. He’s a leader, pure and simple.


 Besides, the city of Boston is familiar with this senario.  What other malcontent superstar did they trade for… Randy Moss!  How’s his attitude been on the Patriots?  How has his production been for the Pats?  Winning cures all!  I’m not saying Stephon is a Randy Moss type talent, becuase he’s simply not.  However, he is a very talented point guard, who has the veteran savy the Celtics need at that position. 

 Isiah, BUY STARBURY OUT!!  Watch him go to Boston and watch Boston win a title!!!!  Good time to be Boston sports fan!