Waiver Wire Pickup – Sean Williams


I discussed the potential of Sean Williams yesterday, and it didn’t take long for him to get the opportunity I was looking for. Here’s his stats from last night:

22 pts – 8 rb (3 off) – 2 stl – 2 blk – 64% FG Shooting, 8 of 10 from the line with 36 min

That is why The Nets drafted him. Reality is that Sean has the talent to have gone in the top 5 of last years ultra-talented draft, but he smoked weed and was suspended from his college team. I don’t advocate smoking pot, but there are far more serious crimes that one could commit. Besides, he’s in The League now, and his talent will dictate his future, not what happened in College. His talent is what should keep him in the starting lineup.

Coach Lawrence Frank has removed Nenad Krstic from the starting lineup, in an effort to shake things up for the struggling 4-6 Nets. Personally, I do think Nenad should be and will be starting soon; however, he is not without his weaknesses. Namely, his inability to hit the boards. His career high for avg rebounds per game in a season is 6.8! That is horrible for a starting forward/center who’s getting at least 30 minutes per game! Maybe this is the leason Coach Frank is trying to send him? I’m not quite sure, but the combo of Nenad and Sean Williams is perfect for this team. Krstic can space the floor and give Kidd another shooter to play with, while Sean can be the beast on the boards while manning the paint on the defensive end. Plus, Sean has a nice offensive repertoire as well! I’ve been saying it since they signed him, and I’ll say it some more, Jamaal Magloire is not a fit for this team! He’s one of the slowest players in the NBA. He gets the ball on the low block and sits there for a minimum of 5 seconds, while deciding what move he wants to make, allowing the defense to adjust. That is not what a fast paced, quick reaction team like the Nets want. But who am I? What do I know?

Truthfully, Lawrence Frank is the only one who knows what he has planned for this team. I’m just providing you with my thoughts on the situation. I truly hope and expect Sean to continue to start and get big minutes, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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