Marbury vs Thomas – Round 1

This Marbury vs Isiah Thomas situation could get EXTREMELY UGLY!!!! Check out this link:


Did Stephon just blackmail his coach for playing time???? We need to understand that Steph and Isiah have been the best of friends since Starbury came to the Knicks. They’re neighbors for crying out loud! One has to wonder…. what does Stephon know?


I won’t elaborate, as you just read the article, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this drama! How long will Isiah keep his job??????

On a side note, after watching Nate Robinson play the Suns last night I think he’s too much of a defensive liability to get 30 minutes a game. Anytime he was caught in a situation where the person he was guarding posted him up, it was a guaranteed bucket and foul in most cases. I love his energy, confidence and heart, but I think a 6’6″ Mardy Collins has the edge at getting most of the minutes. Assuming that Marbury does not return, of course.


How do you get someone to be humble and conform to what you want? Hit them where it hurts, the wallet! Stephon was fined $195K for leaving and missing he Phoenix game, so he promptly showed up in Los Angeles today and played against the Clippers.

Isiah gets the decision in Round 1. I just hope there is a Round 2, 3 or 4, because I want to know which skeletons Isiah has in his closet that Starbury knows about! I mean, BLACKMAIL FOR PLAYING TIME!!! It doesn’t get better than that!


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