Big Day for Rebounders!

Friday was the day of rebounding. We had 26 players who grabbed at least 10 rebounds. 7 of them pulled down at least 15 rebounds, while 3 of those were absolute animals on the glass and nabbed 20 or more!!! Those Monsters of the Glass were:

Dwight Howard – 22 points and 20 boards
Emeka Okafor – 25 points and 23 boards
Shawn Marion – 17 points and 24 boards

The runner-up to this group is Kevin Garnett, who missed the 20 rebound club by one board, but did so much more in the other categories:

Kevin Garnett – 27 points, 19 boards with 6 assists one steal and 3 blocks

That is why KG is The Man of Fantasy!

However, with all of these great performances the person I want to discuss today is LaMarcus Aldridge. He is my pick for Most Improved Player and he showed everyone why on Friday. He posted 30 points, 10 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 blocks while shooting 60% from the field. He did this while leading his young team to a victory over the Memphis Grizzlies, who are much improved this year.


LaMarcus has been somewhat inconsistent in the first few games, but games like this show that he can begin to fulfill his potential this year. The thing that concerns me the most with Aldridge is his rebounding. He has a beautiful midrange shot with a very high release point, which makes it difficult to block, but he’s relying too much on that shot, which has brought some of the inconsitency so far. He simply is not spending enough time on the block and crashing the boards. He did say prior to being drafted that he is more comfortable facing the basket, but that doesn’t mean he needs to spend most of his time 15 feet away from the rim. Maybe he’s still young and doesn’t have the strength required to “bang” down low in The Association; I’ll give him that, but I would still like to see him giving it more of an effort. He only has one game this year where he grabbed at least 10 rebounds, and it was this last game that we are discussing.

Alright, enough on his weaknesses. I’m just being critical because I see big things for him this year! He is a very talented shot blocker and we have already discussed his shooting ability. He’s the primary scorer on the Blazers this year, so he will get every opportunity to shine. In fact, watching LaMarcus play gives credence to the Greg Oden pick. Greg can man the low post and Aldridge can rome and hit midrange shots. Plus Oden won’t demand a lot of shots, which will gives Brandon Roy and LaMarcus the opportunities they need to help the team be successful. That being said, they still should have taken Kevin Durant! I won’t go into details on that other than have you seen him play this year??? He’s by far the best prospect to come into the league since LeBron James. Period.

On anthoer note, I’m watching the Magic vs Suns right now. It’s half time and the Suns are up 59 – 43, but Dwight Howard is a BEAST!! He has 21 & 11 at the half with 6 offensive rebounds. Now, part of that is by design because Pheonix isn’t double teaming him, much the same way they did to Duncan in the playoffs. They are letting him get his, as long as the rest of the team doesn’t do much, and that’s just what’s happening. Dwight is shooting 56% while the rest of the Magic are shooting a pathetic 34%. COME ON RASHARD, HEDO AND JAMEER!! MAKE A DAMN SHOT!!!

Well, even if the rest of the Magic fail to show up tonight and they lose to the Suns, at least we are looking at another possible 20 plus point 20 rebound effort by D12. Hey, we might get a 30 plus point 20 rebound effort, if the Suns continue to let Dwight get his!

Also, I don’t care what people say, Dwight is better than Amare! He bigger, stronger, more athletic, has a bigger heart, and a much better attitude! The only area in which Amare excels past Howard is his shooting ability. I’ll take everything Dwight gives you plus his shot blocking and defense over Amare ANY DAY!! OH, plus Dwight hasn’t missed a game in his entire career! Nuff Said.



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