A Prayer for Gilbert

The Wizards lost to the Nets last night 87 to 85.  Arenas played 43 minutes with 21, 4, & 6.  He shot 7-17 from the field and 2-7 from three (missed all of the three point attempts he took in the second half).  In fact, he only shot 2 of 9 in the second half, including a HORRIBLE three point shot that came up 6 feet short to win the game.  This is not a good sign! 

Gilbert came out just fine shooting 4 of 8 in the first half, and crashed in the second half, as just mentioned. What’s this tell you boys and girls?? YES, Gilbert’s knee is NOT OK!! To confirm that fact, word is that Gilbert will be undergoing an MRI on his knee and may be asking Eddie Jordan to reduce his playing time. OUCH!!! This really sucks for all Gilbert owners….. ME INCLUDED!!

Shame on me for trusting him when he told everyone on his blog to draft him in our fantasy leagues because his knee was just fine.  Plus, he’s in a contract year. I mean, GILBERT IN A CONTRACT YEAR!!! What’s not to love about that! He’s the ultimate “contract year guy” that you want on your team, right? A pure scorer who’s selfish enough to put up 30 points per game, yet unselfish enough to get 6-8 assists per game as well.  I honestly expected Gilbert to compete for the scoring title this year.  Well, not if his knee is jacked! Damn!

Here’s what we can do; if everyone who has Gilbert Arenas on their team (fantasy owners and Wizards fans alike) just kneel down every night for a week and say a little prayer to heal his knee, I believe he will come out of this just fine. Look, I don’t care if you don’t believe in God, just do it! Kneel down and talk to the damn ceiling for all I care, but Gilbert needs all the help we can give him and from my desk here in Texas, a prayer is the only thing I can offer.


Gilbert, we’ll be praying for you and your knee! Get well soon, buddy!


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