Utah Jazz Preview

Here’s what the Utah Jazz gave us last year:

  •  A surprise team in the Western Conference finals
  • Proof that the Jazz did not make a mistake by taking Deron over Chris Paul last year
  • A healthy and DOMINANT Carlos Boozer
  • The first NBA player to come out of the closet


  • The first NBA player to cry on national tv because his “feelings” were hurt by his coach


  • A Hall of Fame coach confused about when he started coaching in the WNBA and must keep track of the positive to negetive critisism ratio


  • One of the best dunks of the year


  • They gave obsessed crazed Jazz fans something to scream about for the first time in 7 years


Quick – count the black people…………………………………….

Let’s look at the Starting lineup with last’s years stats:

 PG – Deron Williams
16.2 – 3.3 – 9.3 – 0.98 – 0.16 – 46% – 37 min

SG – Ronnie Brewer
4.6 – 1.3 – 0.4 – 0.66 – 0.11 – 53% – 12 min

SF – Andrei Kirilenko
8.3 – 4.7 – 2.9 – 1.06 – 2.06 – 47% – 29 min

PF – Carlos Boozer
20.9 – 11.7 – 3 – 0.95 – 0.28 – 56% – 35 min

C – Mehmet Okur
17.6 – 7.2 – 2 – 0.45 – 0.48 – 46% – 33 min

Key Bench Players

Matt Harpring
Paul Millsap
Gordon Giricek
Morris Almond
Jason Hart
Jarron Collins

There is a serious debate about who’s the better PG – Deron or Chris Paul. Paul has the lead right now, but it is slight, and if Deron can average 19 points and 10 assists per game with 3 boards and a good 3-point percentage, then I’ll give Deron the nod.

Ronnie Brewer is a great hustle man, and gives the Jazz the athletisism they have been missing. I’m excited to see what he can do, but my expectations are tempered a bit. I expect 10 ppg with a few boards and assits.

Will Kirilenko’s balls finally drop and just accept his role on this team as a defensive specialist. I can’t believe he actually told his coach he needs to make sure he gives him an equal amount of praise to the critisism he hands out. What a puss. People think he’ll bounce back, but I think he’ll have a marginally better year than last. There just isn’t enough room on this team for his horrible offense. Ignore the preseason stats, Boozer didn’t play. If Ak47 could just borrow one of Matt Harpring’s testicles for a day, he would understand what it means to be a man.

Boozer is one of my favorite power forwards in the game. He can finish with his right and left hand, and is extremely smart with the ball. His rebounding rate is astounding for a man his size, especially when playing in the west. I love him. You’ll get more of the same. I also love Millsap, which is also why I think AK47 should just move on.


Memo is Memo. He’ll do what he did last year again. I just hope he doesn’t disappear in the playoffs again.

They will compete for the Nuggets to win their division and finish in the top 6 of the West.


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