Scoring System

We have been in one fantasy league – Katy Legends – since 1999. Through the years we have adjusted and manipulated the scoring system. It is actually one of the most unique scoring systems I’ve seen. I guess the best way to describe it is… a Total Points scoring system. Here’s how it works (it’s quite simple):

A player gets plus or minus points for everything they do on the court. From the obvious stats like points, rebounds and etc to minutes played and missed field goals. We even have bonus points for double doubles, triple doubles (Jason Kidd was number 6 overall last year due in large part to his 12 triple doubles) and we even have a HUGE bonus if a player actually gets a quadruple double. We also deduct points for things like disqualifications, technical fouls and flagrant fouls. The accumulation of these points gives the player his total fantasy points for that particular night. In fact, here is a break down of our scoring:

Three Pointers Made 1 points
Assists 2 points
Blocks 3 points
Double Doubles 10 points
Disqualifications -5 points
Ejections -10 points
Flagrant Fouls -5 points
Free Throws Made 1 point
Free Throws Attempted .25 points
Missed Field Goals -.2 points
Missed Free Throws -.5 points
Minutes .1 point
Offensive Rebounds .5 points
Personal Fouls -2 points
Points 1 point
Quadruple Double 110 points
Steals 3 points
Triple Doubles 30 points
Technical Fouls -5 points
Total Rebounds 2 points

You can have up to 8 players active every night. 1 C, 2 F, 2G & 3 flex players. At the end of each night the system adds all the points each active player has given you for that day and that’s your total. The team with the most total points at the end of the regular season wins! It’s that straightforward.

We don’t like Head to Head leagues because it largely depends on how many games your players have that week, and we don’t like rotisserie leagues because it doesn’t encompass everything the players do on the court. Plus, rotisserie leagues give too much value to things that don’t mean as much in the real world of basketball. For example, yahoo came out with its preseason rankings:


They have Dwight Howard ranked as the 47th best player in fantasy! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I will freely admit that I like D12 much more than most people, but that is ridiculous. Last year he averaged 17.6, 12.3 (3.5 offensive), 1.9 with 1.9 blocks and 60% field goal percentage, and he’s only 21 years old and had a horrible coach!! BUT he is ranked that low in rotisserie leagues because his FREE THROW percentage is only 59%. That will absolutely kill you in that category, so you can’t draft him very high, unless you are willing to loose that cat. It’s stupid. Simply stupid. This is like Shaq, before he got old and fat. His best statistical year was the 99-00 season. He averaged 29.7, 13.6 (4.3 offensive), 3.8 with 3 blks. His field goal percentage was 57%. BUT he was not the number one rated fantasy player in preseason, as he was in real life, because of his poor free throw percentage of 52%. That is a complete joke and not realistic. Every single NBA team would have LOVED to have Shaq on their team in his prime. Hell, most want him now and he’s well past the stage of the MDE status that he glossed himself with.

I’m not saying that Dwight Howard is Shaq (Not yet at least), but what I am saying is that roto or “8 cat” leagues do not correctly identify the most valuable players in the game. We feel like our system does just that. It gives a premium to players who dominate in the paint where the baskets are easier to make, and it rewards the hustle stats more than others (offensive rebounds, steals & blocks). It also punishes a player who hurts his teams with excessive fouls, technicals or ejections. It truly covers everything a player does on the court!

That being said, we plan on doing an experiment this year. We are going to join a rotisserie and head to head league and compare them to our league throughout the season. This will help us decide if our system really is the best, or if we are just extremely partial!


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