Trade – Ricky Davis to Miami

According to realgm.com (I have linked the story here), Ricky Davis and Mark Blount are going to Miami for Antoine Walker some scrubs and a first round pick. Let’s look at how this affects the their fantasy value. Ricky Davis is happier now, which will help because he’s a very emotionally based player, but will that alone be enough. He will be third fiddle behind Wade and Shaq, and he has struggled with that in the past, but given Pat Riley’s ability to inspire the seemingly uninspirable I think Ricky will do well. He should come out the gate doing very well, since Wade is out and Miami is desperate for a scorer. I expect him to have the same stats he has last year – 17 points, 4 boards and 4 assists, which is good for a number 2 guard. Blount will be a back up, so no value until Shaq goes out.

Walker still has little to no value for the Timberwolves. According to reports they wouldn’t even take him until they got a first round pick as well. He’ll come off the bench and have little impact, just like he would have on the Heat. Minny is going very young, which means Corey Brewer has a chance to do something. He will be starting and I expect him to be very active. I’ll look at this rest of this situation later in the week when I do the Timeberwolves preview.


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