Washington Wizards Preview

Washington had the big three in the east last year, but Gilbert went down and that was the end of their hopes. They come back this year with the same team, because they believe they have the right guys to get the job done, while I disagree. Gilbert is amazing, although selfish at times, and he misses more clutch free throws and shots than most superstars (people just remember the ones that he makes because ESPN really highlights those). Caron Butler is extremely good, as is Jamison, but is that enough? It’s obviously not. They need other players to really step up, so let’s see who might be capable.

Projected starting lineup with last year’s stats:
Stats follow this format – Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, FG percentage & Minutes

PG – Gilbert Arenas
28.4 – 4.6 – 6 – 1.88 – 0.18 – 42% & 40

SG – DeShaw Stevenson
11.2 – 2.6 – 2.7 – 0.79 – 0.23 – 46% & 30

SF – Caron Butler
19.1 – 7.4 – 3.7 -2.13 – 0.27 – 46% & 39

PF – Antawn Jamison
19.8 – 8 – 1.9 – 1.14 – 0.51 – 45% – 38

C – Brendan Haywood
6.6 – 6.2 – 0.6 – 0.44 – 1.14 – 56% & 22

Key Bench Players
Antonio Daniels
Darius Songaila
Andray Blatche

Yes, I only put 3 players hat will get decent minutes off the bench. When you have three players averaging close to 40 minutes per game, there isn’t much room for anyone else.

We have already discussed Gilbert. He’s the best PG out there in the fantasy world, though I would take quite a few ahead of him in real life. Daniels will get minutes, as Gilbert plays SG as well, but Daniels wont have much value.


I like DeShawn Stevenson as a player, but he wont do much for your team. Avoid him.

Caron Butler is fantastic. He does it all, except for blocks (which you don’t expect at that position anyways).

Jamison will score and he loves the three, but he’ll also give you decent rebounds, though I usually want more out of a PF. Songailia will back him up here, but again, no value unless there is an injury to Jamison or Haywood.

Brendan has the job, but he’s not the answer on this team. Look at his minutes per game last year and you will see. He is very raw offensively, and if you say he’s out there for his defense, then you and the Wizards are wrong. He simply is not a good defender. 1.14 blocks per game is pathetic for a 7 footer who’s been in the league as long as he has. I like Blatche here and think he has the talent to over take the starting job, but the question there is his dedication, desire and mental makeup. If he can put it all together, then he’s possibly the answer the Wiz have been looking for. Keep an eye on him.

This team will score a lot, because they can’t stop my ANYONE, but all the love will go to the big three. This is an easy team to preview. Look at last year. It’s more of the same.


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