Atlanta Night Life

I tried to find a good picture of one of the A-Town Dancers (the Hawks dance team), but I was not able to find one that I could use. Truthfully, they only have 3 or 4 attractive dancers on their team. Actual dancing talent must be really important to them, because looks IS NOT!! So I had to find an alternate picture to use, which got me thinking about the two times I went to Atlanta on business…. OH WHAT A CITY!! The bars and clubs don’t even get going until 1:00am!! I was there for Fat Tuesday one year, and let me tell you…. wait, I won’t tell you. Just know that I am a good boy, so I didn’t participate in anything that I saw, but seeing was enough. Do you know what a spider swing is? You do if you’ve been to Buckhead.

Anyways, as I was saying, I had to find another picture to represent the women of Atlanta, and this is the best clean picture I could find. These girls are representing a club in Buckhead at a local convention (not that type of club, well I guess one could argue that almost every club in Atlanta is “that type of club” after 3:00am).



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